Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Wedding

   I loved my wedding.  Not only because I got to marry my best friend but everything about it was above and beyond what I ever thought it could be.  And this unbelievably fun,  200+ wedding was less than $8,700.  For Real!!!!!  (I recalculated the budget about ten times just to make sure I was seeing it correctly- I still can't believe it!)  And that includes everything: photographer, flowers, food, drink, labor, accommodations, his ring, my dress, thank you presents for bridesmaids, parents, party hosts, invitations, music, bartenders, wedding favors, fabric, miscellaneous items, etc.!!!!

   Now don't go writing it off thinking it was a penny-pinching wedding where we made people stand up during the ceremony and only served water at the reception.  AND don't go thinking we had a super long engagement that allowed me to purchase everything during sales and with coupons.  Nope, we were actually only engaged for 3 months and were able to serve a full meal including alcohol to a guest list of around 220.  However, I can't take all the credit; We were definitely blessed by the Lord with amazing family and friends that pitched in to make the wedding a reality.

   As excited as I am that our wedding was so wonderfully inexpensive, my cup runneth over and I can't wait to share with you how we were able to make everything happen.  Here are a few pictures of the wedding to get you excited, but keep checking back for some great money saving tips!


  1. These are gorgeous! My goodness. I've been inspired to add some of our wedding photos on my blog. I love wedding photos and I'm beyond impressed that your wedding was under $9,000. That's bragging rights for life I think. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I know, I still can't believe we were able to get it under $9,000 either! The Lord blessed us for sure! You totally should add your wedding photos to your blog! Can't wait to see them and thanks for the encouragement!


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