Friday, August 31, 2012

Painter's Cupcakes

  What do you do for a friend on her 30th birthday who is also an art teacher extraordinaire?!  Why, make her cupcakes on a painters's palette of course!  Here is my latest cupcake creation:

   I think they are adorable and am pretty happy with how they turned out.  The paintbrushes were a little difficult, but a dozen tootsie rolls later I was able to create a couple that passed the test.  They were the perfect cupcakes to make for my artistic friend, but they would also be great for a kids birthday party.  They aren't too hard to make either.  You can make regular cupcakes from the box and use canned frosting.  I  just separated the frosting and made them different colors.  I cut out the palettes from cardboard boxes using an exacto knife for the little thumb hole.  The wood of the paintbrush is made out of caramels, the bristles are made out of chocolate tootsie rolls and the pink divider is made from a cherry tootsie roll.  Its an easy little creation that makes someones day even more special!  Good luck!

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