Friday, October 12, 2012

Marriage Proposals

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  I'm a sucker for proposal stories!  I love hearing about the creativity of men going through hoops and bounds trying to make everything perfectly special for the love of their life.  Some are crazy and spectacular, some are low key and private, but either way they are personal and memorable for the two love birds! Here are a couple of cute proposals that deserve some appreciation....

Coffee Proposal
Let's just hope she decides to finish her coffee....

Dolphin Proposal
I just think dolphins are the cutest!

Roller-coaster Proposal
At least the picture is taken BEFORE she is doused with water:)

You sit down for a funny caricature, and little do you know....
{proposal story and photo rights from here}

Choreographed Proposal
I literally cry when I watch this video.  Please watch it, it is the sweetest proposal.  So much time an effort was put into it, and he even included her family and friends.  Wow.  Hands down my (second) favorite.
{Watch it here}

Wil's Proposal
Although biased, I do believe Wil's proposal is still my favorite:)  
You can read our proposal story here!

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