Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tennesseans Again!

   Well folks, its official- Wil and I have moved!  The past two weeks we have been packing and cleaning and unpacking and cleaning some more, but after a lot of hard work and some amazing help from our families we are officially Tennesseans again!  And man oh man is Chattanooga a BEAutiful city!  We have been happily surprised with the beautiful landscape and fun things to do here, but can tell you hands down that our favorite thing so far is the Enterprise South Nature Park.  At only 10 minutes away from our new house, its super convenient for us to walk Denver puppy.  The park has 2,800 acres of wooded trails for walking/running/hiking/biking and even has future plans for horse trails.   We are blown away at how well the park was done and love that Chattanooga has something like this to offer.  Hopefully everyone that lives here knows about and takes advantage of this free family-friendly park.

 {Denver puppy on the Hawk's Ridge Trail}

{The park has picnic areas you can drive to if you want the nature without the hike}

{Wide open spaces and one happy puppy}

{The drive to the park isn't too shabby either}

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  1. That IS gorgeous! I need more posts about Chat town, yo! : )


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