Monday, March 4, 2013

Curtain Rod Picture Hanger

 (Please excuse the bad picture quality; Its hard to take good pictures in a hallway, haha)

   This is one of my absolute favorite things I have done to decorate our house. I saw the idea on pinterest and just knew it was perfect for the blank wall in our hallway.  Even more special is that the curtain rod was used as part of our arbor at our wedding, so its not just any ol' curtain rod.  Plus, I made the canvas in the middle- so this whole project really is crafted by me:)  Can't say that about too many things!
   Here's how I did it:
   1. I chose how long I wanted the curtain rod to be and then decided how many pictures would fit onto it.  5 fit perfectly for my length.  I knew I wanted the middle canvas as part of the decoration because its my favorite picture of Wil and I, so I needed to get 4 other pictures and frames.
   2. Then I went to walmart and got 4 cheap matching frames.  (I think I paid $1 each for them.) I wanted all of my frames to be the same, but you could always use frames that you already have.
   3.  I had some ribbon left over from our wedding as well, so I used that to hang the pictures.  I had to lay it all out first and choose the length I wanted the pictures to hang.  Once I chose the lengths I hot-glued the ribbon to the back of the picture frames.

  4.  Then I made bows out of the ribbon.  This took some time for me because I had no idea how to make a big poofy bow.  I just worked on it and poofed it up until I was happy.  Sorry, I have no special techniques to tell you, just kind of go for it.  

   5.  Once the bows are just how you like them, hot glue them to the ribbon that is holding the frames.
   6.  Viola! You have yourself a gorgeous, one of a kind decoration!

   I love having this little piece of art in my house because everyone comments on it when they walk in. I guess you could say its a centerpiece here.  All I can say is, thanks pinterest for coming through for me yet again!

*I got the curtain rod picture hanger idea from The Lemond's Family Blog.  You can check out her blog post here.

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