Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Neapolitan Cupcakes

Yuuuuuum!!! These are delicious!!

The original recipe is from but it uses vanilla and brownie instead of strawberry.  I found the strawberry and brownie idea from the blog iheart2stamp.

I followed the original recipe down to a "t."  The only thing I did differently is I used cream cheese icing instead of vanilla.  YUM!!

Be sure and follow the ingredients and directions because its not the same as the box. The cake and brownies need to be a different consistency than normal to go well together.

*Beware though, the recipe says it yields 4 dozen cupcakes, but I got a little less than 2 dozen.  My cupcakes are a little larger than a normal cupcake because I have never gotten down the "fill 2/3s of the way full" concept, but even if they had been the right size I think the recipe might yield a little over 2 dozen.

I have had people rage about these cupcakes every time I have made them.  They really are delicious.  I am not even a strawberry cake fan, but mixed with the chocolate these cupcakes are ridiculous.  I encourage you to try them and in doing so you will become everyone's favorite baker. :)  Happy baking!

Love, Devon

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