Friday, August 9, 2013

Off to Canada 'eh!

Wil and I are headed to Canada this weekend to finally love on our new nephew. It had been 3 whole months and we have not gotten to hug him yet, so this trip has been a long time comin'! 
He is just the cutest thing! I really can't get over it! I honestly can't get over how much I love all of my nephews and my niece! They are my favorites and I can't get enough of them! I'm going to be a complete mess when I have my own, that's for sure! 

Anywho, we are headed to the most picturesque town and I cannot wait to share all of the pictures with you! I will definitely be posting some pictures on my blog after the fact but if you want some real time photos be sure and check my Instagram feed. 

We are flying into Halifax and then making out merry way to Chester the beautiful. 

Ill be sure to keep you guys posted! Until next time, eh!

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