Friday, September 14, 2012

36 Years Later....

   Everything, and I mean everything,  hung up on the walls or on any kind of display in my parents house is of their kids, grandkids or grandpuppies.  While this may be ideal for them (and any other parent or grandparent for that matter) I thought it was only fitting that they should have something to display that celebrates how it all began.  So, for my parents anniversary I got creative and made them a little something they could cherish of their own.

   This project was very inexpensive. I used a tile that I got from Lowes for $.92!  Then I printed off the picture, letters and numbers on regular printer paper.  I tore the edges of the picture a bit to give it an artsy look and cut the letters and numbers out using an exacto knife(VERY time consuming, especially the smaller numbers).  You can use mod-podge or spray adhesive to stick the picture on the tile. (I used spray adhesive to stick in on the tile and then went over the top with mod-podge- the color will run a little bit when you use mod-podge on the top.)  The letters need to be mod-podged individually but thats not as time consuming as it sounds.  Let it dry and vuala! You have a personalized memento that looks great in the kitchen or living room:)

   I'm so blessed to have amazing parents that loved me, raised me up in the Lord and stood by me through thick and thin.  Mom and dad your marriage is a blessing to watch- keep up the good work.  Here's to 36 years of a beautiful marriage... and rockin' a white tux....

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