Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nutella and Cream Cheese Crescents

   Nutella and cream cheese crescents.  Enough said.  This dessert is so yummy and so easy!  All you need is a can of crescents, cream cheese, nutella, sugar and cinnamon.  Roll out the crescents and put about a tablespoon of cream cheese or nutella in the center of the crescents.  Roll them back up.  Mix a bowl of half cinnamon and half sugar.  Roll the crescents around in the sugar/cinnamon mixture and bake as directed on the can.  YUM!  You might want to make more than one batch though, because my husband ate the whole first batch in about a two minutes.  (I was lucky to get a picture!)  Enjoy making- and eating- these delicious crescents, I know I did!

P.S.  You can even mix the cream cheese and nutella in the same crescent!
P.P.S.  Peanut butter and nutella sound like a great combination too ;)

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