Friday, June 14, 2013

Dream Home

   So, it looks like Wil and I might be building a home!  As terrified as I am to be making this huge step and signing our life away on the dotted line it is pretty exciting to think about building and creating a home just for us.  This is a very recent decision so we are still in the idea phase of planning.  Right now we are choosing what color the exterior should be, should there be staggered garages, which rooms should be wood/carpet, etc.  It is all overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time!
   There are a few things that I know for sure that I would love to have.  For example:

An Open Floor Plan

A small, but functional laundry room

Tile in the kitchen, Carpet in the Bedrooms

Dual Shower Heads

A nice relaxing back deck

*All of these images were found off of pinterest and had no links to them.  I will be happy to give credit  where credit is do on the pictures if you know where they are from.  Thanks!

What about you guys?  What are some things you would add to your dream home?  Have you already built your dream home and wish you had done something differently?  I'd love to hear any of your ideas!

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