Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Design and Social Icons

Recently I have been spending quite a few hours researching blog advice and design tutorials.  I love blogging and enjoy having this little piece of creative space where I can design things and express interests to the world in ways that are (hopefully) appreciated by my readers!  So it is only natural for me to want to improve the aesthetics of my work space and the creativity of ways I communicate, right? Don't get me wrong, I would probably be blogging even if I didn't have any followers, but having followers and commenters definitely adds to the enjoyment! (which I believe any blogger can attest to)

That being said, Last night I finally struck gold!  I came across an easy tutorial that helped me get my "follow me" social icons on my blog!  Man have I had trouble figuring that out!! I had probably spent a week looking for tutorials and how-tos on getting social icons and if it wasn't for Olivia and her blog My Favourite Things I would probably still be searching. (THANK YOU OLIVIA!!!)

- Let's just all take a moment to glance over to the right and appreciate the social icon buttons..... little bit longer.... one more time... ok, great.  Aren't they awesome!?-

 Now that the icons have been appreciated I can move on to my next big project, My Header.  Oh goodness.  I read a tutorial last night and this morning on how to create your own header with photoshop.  Wow.  Am I the only one out there that thinks photoshop is absolutely confusing?  Whats up with the layers.  And how the heck do you get a good looking image from the pen tool?  That thing is crazy!  Anywho, the next few days I will be testing my eye's computer screen endurance while spending hours upon hours trying to figure this photoshop stuff out.

*Disclaimer*  once I become a mastermind in photoshop there will be no stopping me.  Prepare to be amazed.....

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