Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cruisin, Part 2

Now that I finally have all of the pictures from the cruise together, I thought I would share the rest of my favorites...

{The Carnival Dream Cruise Ship}

{One of the best things about this ship was the outside theater!  They had movies on it every night and a couple of nights they even showed The Heat basketball games}
{We clean up nice, sometimes ha!)
 {The Boys}
 {Our whole family shares a love for games.... oh do I love games...}

{My hubs won one of the onboard challenges.  The crowd got to dress him up as a girl and then judge how feminine he looked. I guess they thought he looked good as a girl, haha }

First Stop:  Nassau, Bahamas
 {I love that lighthouse for some reason! Doesn't it look so romantic?!}

{You can't go to Nassau without visiting the Straw Market, they just go hand in hand!}

 Next Stop: St. Thomas
 {I think I could look at sail boat scenery all day long!}
 {St. Thomas has a really fun bar close to port called Mojo's where some of the chairs are swings right up at the bar}
 {The overcast sky made for a pretty sunset}

 Last and Favorite Stop: St. Maarten
Yep, St. Maarten was definitely my favorite!

 {The last 3 photos were from my brother and sister-in law taking a hiking excursion}

 {My parents have been to St. Maarten several times (without taking their kids I might add!) and they recommended Dawn Beach}
 {It was a good recommendation.... Dawn Beach was incredible!}

{The beach wasn't crowded so there was plenty of room for a big family of 7}
 {This picture could pretty much sum up the trip.... yes, those are sand chairs....}
{We hope to see you again soon too St. Maarten!  We really do!}

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