Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friends Fo Life

Ooooooo I so very much miss my two best friends living in the same country as me!  My two besties live thousands of miles away (or shall I say thousands of dollar signs away) in the lands of the Republica Dominicana and South Korea.  O how I miss seeing their perty faces! This post goes out to the good times in America with Katie and Erin....

South Korea and the Dominican Republic sure are getting some quality people.  But its about time I had them back here, no?  I miss yo faces!! Love you two dearly....

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  1. AY MI MADRE!!! I miss YOU guys mucho amounts. I just can't wait till we are reunited once again. WHEN will this be?!? : (

    Love you, Dev. Thanks for this post. Made me miss you even more than I already do.


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