Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post Favs

Obviously this one is a tough-y because all of my posts are so wonderful, just HOW am I going to choose my favorites?!?  ;)  hehe just kidding.  I definitely have some favorites, and oddly enough they revolve around food.  Hhhmmm.  Ok, I'll only do a couple favorite food posts and then a couple non food posts.  Otherwise we all might get too hungry to finish reading.....

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes
They are just too dang cute not to be a favorite....

Because my life has recently been changed by this product and this company

Because I want to help everyone have a beautiful wedding at a reasonable price!

36 Years Later...
Because it turned out waaay better than I thought it would, and my parents actually liked it!

Hamburger Cupcakes
Because these are the most fun cupcakes to make!

Because it was the starting point to this grand adventure I'm on..

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