Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh the Embarrassment

So, picture this:

   It's your very first day of your college career at the University of Tennessee.  You are lookin' super fly all dressed up head to toe in a cute skirt, tank top and flip-flops.  You are walking out of math class, which just happens to be on the top of "The Hill", carrying your books (because YES you are WAY too cool for a backpack) and nonchalantly walking your way to your next class.  You see some stairs that will safely take you to the bottom of the hill, but stairs are for the losers who have no adventure, right?  So you decide to take the road less traveled and head down the hill through the grass.  Suddenly your feet slip from under you, your books go flying and you and your mini-skirt take a good long side down the hill.  You arrive at the bottom of the hill, shortly after your books, to a very good-looking guy asking if you are alright.  No he is not hitting on you, he is genuinely concerned for your sense of well-being.  After all, you did just make a complete fool out of yourself in front of hundreds of other students on your very first day of college.  Be cool, be cool.  Just laugh it off with your friends, then it will be the hilarious thing that happened on the first day of class instead of the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you.  Yea, that would have worked if you were with friends, but, alas, you're alone and no one else is laughing.  So you grab your books, mumble an "I'm ok thanks." and high tail yourself as fast as you can in ANY direction and pray no one recognizes you.

   Yep, that was me and thats the true story of my most embarrassing moment.  So to add on another piece of advice from Day 8's challenge: "Just take the stairs." ;)

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