Monday, March 25, 2013

Engagement picture ideas

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 It looks like everyone's favorite blog post is on the engagement picture ideas I put together in my last engagement pictures post.  So, I thought I would post some more cute ideas I have seen recently.

{ photo from Benfield Photography }

How cute is that picture!  This is obviously a wedding day picture, but the pose could go for either.  

{ photo from ?}

I really like this pose for some reason.  Maybe because it is the girl admiring the guy, when usually the poses are the other way around.  It's fresh.

{ Photo from Andria Lindquist's blog }

I love that this picture showcases the ring and they are smiling at each other.  Perfect hand placement.

{ Photo from Style Me Pretty by StudioFoto }

Fun engagement pictures are always endearing.  Its neat to see their personalities in the photos.

{ photo from }

It's not very often you see engagement pictures utilizing snow.  I love it!

{ photo from Julie Parker Photography }

This would be such a cute save the date!  Plus it would be so easy to make, you just have to get some flowers and shape them into a heart!

I love when engagement pictures show cool parts of the city where they live/met/are getting married!  I like that they have sunglasses on too! 

{ photo from  tumblr }

Just plain sweet.  

{ photo from google }

{ photo from tumbr }

I cannot get enough of this picture!! So adorable!  It's a sweet intimate pose without being sexual.

{ photo from }

The background and filter on this photo is fantastic!

{ photo from tumblr }

You can never go wrong with some in the moment pictures.  Smiles and having fun always make good photos!

Be sure and comment with links or photos of your favorite engagement picture ideas!  Enjoy!

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