Monday, July 8, 2013

Military Engagement Photos

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I guess you could say I have a huge soft spot for Military men.  Many of the men in my immediate and extended family have served or are serving in the Armed Forces and I could not be more proud of their courage and selflessness.  That being said, as I was researching for my next engagement photo post and because it is the week of July 4th,  it was only perfectly fitting to do a spotlight on military engagement picture ideas.  Here are some of my favorite ideas.....

 {World War II Inspired Engagement Shoot, photo by Dulce & Bellezza Photography}

{What is it with the feet photos?  Can't help but like it, photo by Nikita Gross Photography}

{photo credit unknown}

{Man standing at attention and the woman holding him, photo by Coleman Photography}

 {sorry it is a fuzzy picture, but you get the idea.  I love that she is wearing the hat in the second one; photo credit unknown}

{I love the stairs, Photo by Visionyard Photography}

I also think it would be such a cute idea if you did a military engagement session on a military obstacle course.  With the man dressed in his uniform and the woman dressed in a cute military outfit and they are doing the course together.  Especially one where they are hanging upside down on the "monkey bars."  Those could make for some cute pictures!  I couldn't find any pictures with that being done, so if you decide to try it out or if you find some pictures where someone has done that I would love to see them!  


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  2. cute and romantic photos! I really love them

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