Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Place Card Holders

Hello lovelies!  I have conjured up some ideas for some inexpensive place card holders that are perfect for your super awesome wedding coming up or your next dinner party.  Cute details like place card holders or food markers don't have to be expensive (heck they can even be free) but they add some adorable pizzaz to any party.

Pine Cones
You can either buy a bag of them find them on trees yourself, but either way they are easy to get your hands on!  If you want to spice it up a bit try using a bag of the scented pine cones! You can find some at your local hobby lobby or home goods store.
{Image and idea from Paper Playne}

Wine Corks
You can easily upcycle your own wine corks or if you don't drink I'm sure it won't be too hard to scrounge some out of your friends!  Put a little slit in them and viola!  One of the pictures is from an Etsy shop selling them with flowers on top.  It wouldn't be too hard to super glue your own flower or embellishment of your own choosing!  Get creative with it and go with the theme...
{Image and idea from Etsy}

{image source unknown}

Airplane Bottles
This could get a little pricey, but depending on how much you were wanting to spend on wedding or party favors, this could be a real treat.  Plus most people will actually take their favor home (or use it at the event- which could make for some silly dancing memories.)
{Image from Melissa Jill Photography}

Animal Figurines
While this DIY could get time consuming if you have a lot of guests, it could be inexpensive and adorable.  Buy a box of animal kids toys and spray paint them and cut a slit in the middle.  Easy Peasy.
{Image and idea from Emmaline Bride}

Along the same lines as pincones, these teeny branches can be taken off of your local trees at no cost to you!  It doesn't have to be pine, any sticks, tree limb or flower will do.  Make it how you want it.
{source of image: unknown}

Wooden Spools
If you're having a rustic themed wedding, these are the place holders for you!  I'm sure your grandma has a few lying around that she wouldn't mind sharing!  I think they would be super cute painted gold!
{image and idea from Etsy}

Stick It In A Fork
Literally.  Yup.  By far the most inexpensive idea I've seen and I honestly think it is just as cute as the others!
{Image from Style Me Pretty}
I'd love to hear any other cute ideas you guys have!  Feel free to share! Happy Tuesday everybody...

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