Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Events

{favorite horse for this Olympics, Australia's Rutherglen; Photo from}

   Hands down favorite event to watch in the Olympics is Equestrian Cross-Country and Jumping.  I may be a little biased because of my absolute love for horses, but goodness me oh my are they not the most magnificent creatures?  I feel like a giddy 10 year old when I get to ride, groom or watch anything that has to do with horses.  So naturally, I look forward to the Olympic equestrian event every 4 years.  I watch in awe as the horses gallop and leap over things as tall as they are (with hundreds of pounds on top of them) and excitedly shout out "OOOO this horse is my favorite, its definitely the prettiest" for pretty much every horse that goes out there. Thankfully my sweet husband just nods and agrees with me even if its the 20th time I've said it, haha. Its not USA's best sport, but I'll still be there cheering them on every 4 years!  Go "Merica!

  Along with equestrian, gymnastics diving and swimming are my staple events to watch.  However, I watched archery for the first time this year and might be adding that to the list.  What are your favorite events /athletes to watch?

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