Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup

   I wish I could take credit for this delicious soup but I have to give all the credit to my mother-in-law.  Amazingly she created this soup by throwing things together one night that she needed a quick meal.  WOW is all I have to so to this talented women. To create something this geniusly tasty by just throwing things together is definitely something to be admired!  The creation?  Cheese Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Could possibly be one of the yummiest soups you make this season.  Here's the delicious recipe:

1 Can of Cream of Onion Soup
1 Can of Fiesta Nacho Soup
1 can of cheddar Cheese Soup
1 package of McCormick White Chicken Chili Seasoning
2 Cups of Water
1 Cup of Milk
2 or 3 Cooked Chicken Breasts Shredded

1. Mix all of the ingredients together and heat
2.  Serve with Tortilla Chips

   My husband and I eat this soup like a cheese dip with tortilla chips, but you can also just sprinkle crushed up tortilla chips on the top.  This is such an easy meal to make especially if you are needing something quick.  It doesn't last long though, so be sure to get a big bowl of it:) Happy Eating!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

30 Day Shred

   I have always been a big fan of workout videos.  (I grew up doing Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos and I'm pretty sure he will always be one of my faves.)  For one, I am way more likely to work out if I don't have to drive to the gym.  Two, I am way more likely to work out if I am not at the gym embarrassed about how loud the thuds are when I'm running on the tread mill or whether I'm using the weight machines correctly.  Also, I need someone telling me what to do and switching things up on me or I'm not going to get a very good workout.  Why am I telling you this?  Well I have found a workout that I really enjoy and has given me a renewed motivation to stay in shape.  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout is quick, challenging and produces results!  The best part of her workout is that you can get it for free on youtube.  There are 3 levels to the 30 day workout; you do each level for 10 days and each level gets a little harder.  I am on day 18 and can tell a HUGE difference.  I have lost 4 pounds and can see a lot of muscle definition!  The workouts are only 25 minutes long too, so there are NO excuses to not do it!

Here are the links to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workouts:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

   If you are interested in some other workouts here are some that I have used in the past and recommend:
-Pure Barre is a workout that I absolutely love.  I have two Pure Barre videos that I have played to the ground.  They are tough but they get you toned and flexible!
-P90X.  I like this workout because my husband and I can do it together.  Wil really likes it because it uses a lot of weights and does a lot of pull-ups.  Those workouts aren't really my favorite, but I love being able to workout and get in shape with my husband.  Wil won't do the other workout videos with me(they are mostly for women to get slim and toned, not really build a lot of muscle.)
-Insanity.  Ok, I have only done 3 days of this workout and boy oh boy did I like it!  It kicked my butt but it felt incredible to get such a good workout, and most of it is pretty manageable.  I will definitely be  doing this workout in the future, I just have to save up for it first.

   Let me know if you try any of these workouts and how you like them!  I would also love to know if there are any other workouts you have tried and really enjoyed!  Happy exercising!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nutella and Cream Cheese Crescents

   Nutella and cream cheese crescents.  Enough said.  This dessert is so yummy and so easy!  All you need is a can of crescents, cream cheese, nutella, sugar and cinnamon.  Roll out the crescents and put about a tablespoon of cream cheese or nutella in the center of the crescents.  Roll them back up.  Mix a bowl of half cinnamon and half sugar.  Roll the crescents around in the sugar/cinnamon mixture and bake as directed on the can.  YUM!  You might want to make more than one batch though, because my husband ate the whole first batch in about a two minutes.  (I was lucky to get a picture!)  Enjoy making- and eating- these delicious crescents, I know I did!

P.S.  You can even mix the cream cheese and nutella in the same crescent!
P.P.S.  Peanut butter and nutella sound like a great combination too ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012

36 Years Later....

   Everything, and I mean everything,  hung up on the walls or on any kind of display in my parents house is of their kids, grandkids or grandpuppies.  While this may be ideal for them (and any other parent or grandparent for that matter) I thought it was only fitting that they should have something to display that celebrates how it all began.  So, for my parents anniversary I got creative and made them a little something they could cherish of their own.

   This project was very inexpensive. I used a tile that I got from Lowes for $.92!  Then I printed off the picture, letters and numbers on regular printer paper.  I tore the edges of the picture a bit to give it an artsy look and cut the letters and numbers out using an exacto knife(VERY time consuming, especially the smaller numbers).  You can use mod-podge or spray adhesive to stick the picture on the tile. (I used spray adhesive to stick in on the tile and then went over the top with mod-podge- the color will run a little bit when you use mod-podge on the top.)  The letters need to be mod-podged individually but thats not as time consuming as it sounds.  Let it dry and vuala! You have a personalized memento that looks great in the kitchen or living room:)

   I'm so blessed to have amazing parents that loved me, raised me up in the Lord and stood by me through thick and thin.  Mom and dad your marriage is a blessing to watch- keep up the good work.  Here's to 36 years of a beautiful marriage... and rockin' a white tux....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hamburger Cupcakes

   I have been dying to go to a cookout just so I could make some hamburger cupcakes.  I finally got to go to a cookout over Labor Day and enjoyed every minute of making these hamburger cupcakes!  The best part is, they are pretty easy to make!  Here's what you need to make these yummy looking hamburgers:

yellow cupcakes
 white icing
red/burgundy food coloring
yellow food coloring
2 sandwich bags
sesame seeds
circle cookie cutter or a small lid

   After you bake the cupcakes take them out of the liners and cut the middle of the cupcake out leaving the muffin top and about an inch on the bottom.  This will leave you with the hamburger buns.   After you bake the brownies in a 9 x 13 pan, cut out the hamburger circles using a cookie cutter or a lid. (I used a nutella lid because it was the perfect size to make the brownies fit inside the cupcakes.)
   Next dye some icing red/burgundy and yellow.  This will be your ketchup and mustard.  Put the dyed icing in ziploc baggies and cut the end of a corner.  Squeeze the icing onto the brownie just like you would ketchup and mustard but make sure to get lots on the edge so that it squishes and runs over when you put the bun on.  

   One last thing, dab some sesame seeds on the top of the cupcakes.  Sesame seeds are practically tasteless but add so much to the look.  And thats it, so easy and SO cute!! They were a huge hit at the cookout and I will most definitely be making these mini sliders again!