Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Proud Mommy

My beautiful baby girl (yes, I am referring to my puppy dog since I do not yet have children) is famous!  I am so proud of my perty sales-pup!  She sure knows how to sell some Pet Doors.  Go to to see Denver Puppy in action!

Courtesy of the Pet Safe Website

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fresh Finds: Aztec Cardigans

So, I really enjoyed creating my last post on Fall Boot Finds, so I've decided to continue posting Fresh Finds on all sorts of things.  Today's post is going to be on another trend happening right now, Aztec Cardigans.  Don't you just love them?!  They are pretty expensive at most places that you can find them, so I have searched high and low and found some good deals just for you!

This Aztec Inspired Cardigan is from Body Central and only $24.90!

Don't you just love this wine color!  At only $36, this Sophie Aztec Cardigan from Boohoo is a winner!  Plus it also comes in navy or black!
 You can find this adorable  Aztec Print Light Cardigan at Charlotte Russe for $26.99!

You don't see the Aztec cardigans with color very often so I am drooling over this colorful option!  You can find it at ParisComing for $37.99
Here's another option with some colorful touches.  Find it at Bebe for $32.95!

If you don't mind paying a little more, this ELAN Hooded Aztec Open Sweater from Piperlime is SOOOOOOO cute!! Even though it is $89 I am having a hard time resisting it right now!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Boot Finds

YES!  The breeze has come in, the leaves have fallen and the smell of bonfires is in the air!  Fall is finally upon us!  Can you tell I'm excited?!

I love the brisk mornings and evenings that fall brings.  I love bonfires and layered clothing.  I love fall boots and scarves.  I love the effect the changing leaves have on Tennessee's picturesque landscapes.

Yep, there is a whole lot to love about fall.  So, today, let's snuggle up with some soup and spiced cider while we talk about some fall boots!  If we haven't bought some for the season already, then we are definitely on the look out, so I thought I would share some great finds with you all.

I just bought some ADORABLE riding boots (please excuse the awful photography of them) from for only $34.99!  I was a little worried that they would be a weird material or cheap looking when they came in, but I was pleasantly surprised!  They fit perfectly and are actually pretty comfortable.  And right now is doing a 20% off sale through 10/14/13 on their entire website.  Enter code 20ALL at checkout.

How cute are these Explore Outdoors Boots from for $73.99!  I love the color, the zipper with the black outline and the buckles!  

You can find these Brown Wrapper Riding Boots at Francesca's for only $59!

These Miola Boots are from Aldo and only $100.  Plus you get free shipping.

I know, I know, I'm posting a whole lot of brown boots.  Brown boots are definitely my go-tos but if you are in the market for some black boots these Madden Girl Andris Boots are $70.99 with free shipping at

Another black boot option, if you are willing to pay a little more , are these Guess Hertlez Boots for $99.  I cannot get over how adorable the little peek of plaid is!!! I found them on, which has an absolutely wonderful return policy with free shipping both ways.  Shoes are usually a tad bit more expensive from Zappos, but sometimes the ease of shipping and returns can make buying from them worth it.  

Ok, back to brown.... I just love these City Snappers Riding Boots from Tilly's.  They are only $44.99 with free shipping!

P.S.  Have you heard of Groopdealz?  It's a website like groupon, except with only clothing and accessories.  I just discovered it today and think it could be a winner.  Check it out here.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beach Wedding Inspiration

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eeeekk!! Ya'll, I am so sad at myself!  I cannot believe I have not done a post in two weeks.  That is just ridiculous and we are going to have to put an end to that!  Indeed much of our two week separation can be chocked up to laziness, but at least PART of it can be blamed on Wil and I moving.  Our stuff.  Our lives.  Our jobs.  Our bums.  To Knoxville, Tennersee.  Yup, you heard it right, Wil and I are Knoxvillians again.  And this time it looks like we are here to stay!

Anywho, More on that later.....

Today I want to talk about Beach Weddings!!!!! Why?! Because my bestest friend in the whole wide world is getting married!  On a Beach! In Myrtle Beach!  And I can't stop myself from helping her look for cute ideas that don't break the bank.  So here is a little compilation of beach wedding ideas....

{I found this idea off of ebay, someone was selling it, but it could easily be recreated.  Wine bottles, candles and seashells: easy and inexpensive!}

{Is that not the most simple and easy idea for beach wedding boutonnieres!} 

{This idea isn't necessarily just for a beach wedding, but I love the rustic elegance to it.  It would be very easy to recreate and definitely inexpensive.  Mugs, cans, pitchers and a few flowers.  Love.}

Image from Confetti Day Dreams
{These would be perfect to create an isle way in the sand!  You could paint them your wedding colors as well.}

Image from Wedding Bee
{While this centerpiece idea would be a little more expensive because you would have to buy those big tall pretty vases, it is absolutely stunning.  I love the combination of seashells, pebbles, a star fish and the colored water. }

{Wine glasses are very inexpensive, so using this idea to decorate could fill in a lot of places for very little investment.  Plus, if you don't have any already, you could use the wine glasses after the wedding.}

{Did I mention how cute starfish are?!  So cute, you could use salt, sugar, or sand as the filler.}

Image from Etsy
{Signs are always romantic}

Image from Destination Wedding Mag
{Absolutely LOVE!}

Image from bespoke-bride
{I love many things about this.  The fabric isle on the beach (especially chevron fabric, yes, I am on the chevron bandwagon...) The hooks that line the isle way.  You could put anything your heart desires on those hooks too!  Mason jars, lanterns. flower pots, hand-made signs with verses or memories, anything at all!}

Image from Perfect Florida Beach Wedding
{Using fake flowers or paper flowers is a growing trend for weddings, and I don't mind the idea at all.  Especially if your venue is hot and the flowers might wilt, or if a certain flower is out of season.  I love the display of the paper flowers on the long sticks in this picture.}

Image from Unknown
{Burlap is always an elegant choice for any rustic or beach themed wedding.  I also love the use of the crates for a cake display or even as a gift or card table.   And I think by now you know I'm all for the starfish decor :)  Also, remember that any art and signs you use to decorate your wedding are perfect to reuse as decorations in your house!}